Railway transport solutions

In the last few years, we have been focusing on the development of solutions for railway transport.

At the moment we have two products for diesel locomotives, one – for electric locomotives, and two universal solutions.

  • SURT-1.2. System for accounting for operating modes (based on GPS Tracking Devices and Navigator-S software with our sensors and modifications). Allows you to control the operating time and fuel consumption of the locomotive in a certain mode (idling, maneuvers, work), and fix the positions of the driver's controller.

    Report examples:

    The performance of the locomotive with fuel consumption

    The performance of the locomotive with fuel consumption

    Operating modes of the locomotive

    Operating modes of the locomotive

  • KASPT BRIZ. Heating system for subzero temperatures (Webasto analogue for railway vehicles). We are the representative of the manufacturer.

    The presentation is available here

SUPM-E. The system for accounting for power consumption (based on GPS Tracking Devices and Navigator-S software with our sensors and modifications).

The presentation is available here

  • RPTS-VTA. The complex for accounting of nodes and aggregates parameters (up to 100 ADCs) with the video surveillance subsystem (digital HD cameras) and conversations recording. Completely our development, with a lot of additional options. One of the most interesting option - in run-in, oil quality control (accounting for dilution of old oil with new, untimely replacement and identification of all related frauds).
  • Low-cost video surveillance system.All-in one system (monitor and DVR) for 4 analog video cameras with vibration protect.

Video monitoring system for locomotives

For a preliminary assessment of our capabilities, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the Video monitoring system for locomotives.

In-Tech LLC, in cooperation with Sinara-Transport Machines (TD STM) and JSC Ludinovskiy Diesel Locomotive Plant, installed in 2013 - 2014 a video monitoring systems on locomotives supplied to OOO Gazpromtrans (15 units), FSUE "Center for the Operation of Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Facilities" (2 units for Vostochny Cosmodrome), REGIONGROUZ SERVICE LLC (1 unit). At the moment, a master contract has been signed between In-Tech LLC and OAO Ludinovskiy Diesel Locomotive Plant for installation and support. Interest in this system is shown not only by Russian Railways, but also by industrial enterprises in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The main effect of installation of the motion video monitoring system installation is to reduce the risks of emergency emergencies due to:

This system performs the functions of a "black box" with the ability to store a record up to 15 days.
Records video from 2 and more cameras (up to 8)
Display in the driver's cab (depending on the model of diesel/electric locomotive and technical conditions)
Recording of radio talks, synchronized with video recording (depending on the model of the radio).
Specially developed software for video playback.
Ability of integration with any dispatching system, incl. with the display of tasks for work, messages and other information on the operator's monitor with his confirmation.

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