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"In-Tech" LLC supply, install and prerform a maintaince of fleet managment (FMS) and fuel metering systems for automotive and railway vehicles, carring out a full range of works: from system integration in accordance with the requirements of our customers to commissioning of systems on the customer territory with warranty and post-warranty service.

The architecture of our systems has flexible capabilities, which allows us to take into account any particular properties of a vehicles and business proccesses, and also develop complex solutions for any problems.

The main effect from the installation of the FMS and fuel metering systems is achieved by following factors:

We also draw your attention to the possibility of diagnostics, recovery, and further maintenance of already installed equipment. We can provide a support for old equipment with ability to grudual upgrade for integration to modern complex software with wide automation features and flexible reports building.

We suggest you consider the possibility of installing our system on vehicles that are being operated on your enterprise, and, in case of your interest, we are ready to develop a comprehensive solution in accordance with your requirements in the shortest possible time.

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